A scrappy hacky approach

They’ve not gone anywhere, the tests are right where they started. And they are up to date. And SimpleCov reports 96%.

But it doesn’t feel right. The last couple of week’s development have been quick and dirty. I’ve been hacking away at the UI, refactoring everything I’ve been able to get my hands on. Nothing is as it was. Except the tests still do what they said they did.

My commit messages have started to sprawl, and the tests haven’t always passing at the time. The very thought of this unstructured approach sets me on edge. I’ve been back to edit a few messages and re-order the tree a little. But it’s been messy. And that feels strange. I’ve been a hired gun for so many years and usually had the opportunity to spend someone else’s time making things look pretty and ‘just so’.

When I’m on my own project and I’m doing ‘this might be a good approach’-led development, I can’t afford the time to polish all the edges. The code I’m producing is good enough, but the workflow has been messy.

I think this is the nature of an MVP.

Written on August 11, 2015