MVP voila

Today I put down the development tools and patted myself on the back. I’ve reached a very rough stage one of the MVP. The product now does - very roughly - everything the old one did. And some.

I’ll save the details of the updates and refactors but the gist is that I think I’ve come up with an extensible model that represents the key parts of the app and paves the way for innovative implementations.

The pieces of the pie:


Things that can be assessed. These live in a hierarchy that lets use define types as we crawl up and down the tree. Types can have all their own rules, or share principles with other types. Right now they’re pretty similar. In the current implementation only the Objective can be assessed. And that’s okay. But for another implementation I’m gonna want a bit more flexibility, but what’s there should be able to handle that.


People or things or processes that assess stuff.


They get assessed. In the future they’ll be able to assess themselves - ispatively.

Next steps

Too many to mention. The front part my notebook - rammed full of paginated scrawl - is for development notes. The back part is for the business strategy. Right now that takes up two reasonably neat pages - a well-ordered list of high level activities. Neatness being the proof that I’ve not spent anytime identifying and attacking the tasks.


Currently reading a book about assessments

Written on July 30, 2015