Meetings meetings meetings

Actually, just the one meeting today. I met up with the application’s prime-user, both of us arriving with folders stuffed full of notes and an awful lot to say.

A couple of hours later and I have a few more notes, some clarity and a bunch of questions. But there is enough to get started.

We’ve shifted the MVP date forward to the end of August as it’s important to get something up and running before the school term starts. I think it’s doable. Most of the functionality is in place and the real complexity lies in the back end. So that will have to wait.

Tricky to know exactly where to start. Somewhere between jumping in and writing lots of code, and spending a couple of days sketching in notepads filling up a trello board. It’s been a while since I worked on something alone, wearing all hats at once, so I need to be conscious of which role I’m doing - at any give time.

Reasonably confident that I can do most of them. The bugbear is the UI design. But I really don’t want to go hunting for someone. It’s too early to give a concise (and thus affordable) brief. But the UI needs a boost.

Written on July 16, 2015