Today is a marketing day

Today is a marketing day, so the most obvious place to start is with this. A blog post. I anticipate (fear, actually) that there will be many more such days as the burden of labour shifts from the familiar world of step-by-step development towards the lesser known world of marketing.

But the two (and all the other pieces of the pie) are intrinsically linked. So I shall get to grips with today’s tasks.

  1. Investigate those little videos people put on the front page of their web sites.

The word I was looking for is explainer and there’s a whole world of businesses built around building them. Many of the automated template builders start off looking attractive - they’ve got dedicated tools to promote their product after all - but fail miserably when it comes to using them.

I’m getting memories of resizing logos using photoshop 2.0 and an apple mac quadra. Way back when kinkos was my second home. So the benefit of eperience tells me that I’m not built for the design malarkey.

This inspired me to email some video makers / web designers who have the good sense to set themselves up far, far away from the the hubbub of central london. And get back to writing code.

Marketing knowledge gained? Enough to remind me that I don’t know what I’m doing.

Written on August 25, 2015