DNS delite

Today began picking up the pieces of a spontaneous (but effective) domain name purchase over the weekend. Am happy with the name and brand it could inspire. And I got the development app up and running on the www subdomain pretty easily.

But I don’t want a www only app - reminds me of .co.uk domains in the 90s, never resolving to a root. Schmucks. Amateurs.

And heroku insists on a named target for the root a-name. It didn’t used to. I have evidence to prove this. But now they want names and 123 reg doesn’t want to play ball. Weirdly, heroku wouldn’t play ball either. So I started digging around to other DNS providers.

First up zerigo. US hosted apps only. Pass

Then pointdns. Looking good, entering names and addresses - staying within the free plan. Happy days. Add another couple of CNAMEs and I’ve reached the ‘limit’. What do you mean ‘limit’? How can I have used ~10~ entries for one simple app. Oh, wait. There’s 6 or 8 or I don’t remember how many entries for nameservers. Delete a couple, okay that works. Run check dns and get a warning that the name servers are incomplete.

So that’s the catch. Up to ten ‘free entries’ for one domain ~ but we’ll use almost all of them by overloading something that isn’t really necessary. Schmucks.

Moving on then to dnsimple. Yes, that was a referral code. Happy days.

Written on August 3, 2015