Discovery kicks off

There is an idea, an intention, an understanding of the technology and an inkling as to what that technology will do.

There is a time scale: 20 weeks.

At the end of which there will a minimum viable product.

######The MVP starts with a product vision, which is maintained throughout the product life cycle, although it is adapted based on the explicit and implicit feedback from potential future customers of the product.

While the MVP can be a prototype or click-bait to guage customer interest, this MVP will be a working (in its simplest form) product.

It sounds like we need to identify some customers. Early. Now, even.

There is, however, a product vision. For the sake of posterity - and the future fun of reflection - it currently goes like this:

######People will use the screen builder to define tasks to be performed or questions to be answered before a third-party can contact them.

Written on July 7, 2015