What goes where and when does it get done?

Working on a solo project is a bit like jumping into the sea and waving your arms about madly. Hoping lots will get done and that there’ll be no missed turns along the way.

I spent a bunch of time trying to get a cucumber test working this morning. Too long - as in the coffee got cold. I could see someone at a corporate stand up brushing off their wasted morning as an unexpected challenge. But when you’re making your own product, for yourself, there is no leeway. Because you’re not getting paid when you get nothing done.

But I got it working. Which felt nice. For a few minutes. Then on to the next thing. Today, this week, maybe longer, I’m trying to clean up the clicks and whistles, to make the UI look and work better. I’m no designer but surely, with the plethora of tools and designs in the public domain I should be able to get somewhere.

While I’m stepping through the clickability I have to consider each task in terms of now or later. It’s extremely helpful to have some users who are waiting for me to deliver an MVP. If I didn’t, well, I wouldn’t know where to stop from digging deeper and deeper into the granularity.

Written on July 21, 2015