Who are the customers?

The customers are the people who will be building the screens. We could call them users but that gets confusing because everyone is a user. The same could be said for customers. The only difference between the two is that one might be a paying example of the other. Users who pay -> Customers.

Nomenclature - a word that literally clatters and bangs as it rolls its way down the tongue - suggests a granularisation of the definitions of the group of people loosely known as customers. It will also help us define who they are and what they do.

Hilary: Health Care

Hilary runs screening programs for STIs. Using guidelines from the NHS and the WHO, she trains workers in the field and on the phones to screen people who suspect they may have an STI.

Roland: Recruitment

Roland works in the HR department of an insurance company. His job is to process job applications, ensuring that they’ve provided all the relevant personal information and completed the pre-interview challenges. When he’s got a complete application package he can setup the interview and pass on the relevant info to the appropriate line manager.

Lorna: Home Maker

Lorna gets 10 to 15 unwanted phone calls every day. She has to answer every call, though, as her mother is unwell and it could be the nursing home calling. Lorna is desperate to stop these unwanted calls. But doesn’t know how.

Tony: Teacher

Tony works in a busy London primary school. Like all good teachers he is forever marking papers and writing assessment scores on bits of paper. This is tedious. He wants to store stuff electronically. It’ll be quicker and it’ll help him meet the end of term reporting demands.

Written on July 8, 2015