Spit and polish

The web app has been up and running for a few few weeks now and our beta testers are plugging in bits of data. It’s all on track, but slow going. The features are complete-ish, so now it’s all about the shiny surfaces.

One of our users has suggested a feature to export student notes and report lists so they can be insert into workbooks and stored as hard paper copies.

This is interesting because it flies in the face of what most people are doing with assessment tools. And it contradicts where I thought we were going with tools for teachers.

Rather than scanning pages of notebooks to store as ‘evidence’ of a student’s progress, we are going to print out notes that the teacher has made online. We’re going to fill up paper folders rather than emptying them! Revolutionary, radical, a pancake in the face of digitalisation.

Written on September 25, 2015